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Free and paid access to a single membership site

A sample Membership site is a great freebie to give away as an opt-in gift or during a sales funnel. With membership sites the set-up is easy. You can give both paying and free customers access and then restrict courses in such a way that only members can view the content. 

To get started you will either need to create a new membership site, or you can use an existing one by editing settings in a current membership site. For purposes of this guide, we will walk you through the steps from square one. 

Membership Site Creation

  1. Create a new membership site under Content in your Simplero Dashboard
  2. Design your home page. Everyone will need access to this page so make sure it reflects both the free and paid members
  3. Publish the home page and Launch the site
  4. Add any additional pages you want both paid and free members to access and set those pages to be published
  5. Create any courses you want everyone (both free and paid members) to access and publish them
  6. Connect your list(s) and product(s) to the membership site. To do this go to the Content tab within each list and product that you want to have access and check the box next to the membership site you want to grant access to.

Don't stop here. If you do, both free and paying members have access to all the same things. So we need to add some paid content!

Adding exclusive paid courses

  1. Go back to your membership site and add a new course
  2. At the access control choose the option that reads "Only available to customers who purchased the following product(s)" and then check the corresponding product from the list. 

You will repeat this section for each of the paid courses you will have in your membership site. As you set up each of these courses we recommend you consider setting up the preview settings as an easy way to up-sell your free members to your paid products. 

Adding exclusive paid or exclusively free content via pages

Should you want to add any pages to your membership site that are exclusively for your paid members or just for the viewing pleasure of your free members you will need to set these pages to be auto-published. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Launch the page editor in your membership site
  2. Add a page
  3. Go to the page settings and set the page to auto-publish
  4. Now you will need to add a trigger, set up an auto-responder or automation to give access to the page to the list or product that you want to be able to view it. You can learn more about auto-publishing pages here. 

You are now all set. You have free and paid members accessing the same membership site. Happy selling!

Last updated 24 Jul 2020.