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Collecting an Outstanding Balance

What Does the Delinquent State Mean?

When you see the purchase as "Delinquent" it means that we aren't yet in a failed state but we are also not on track either. 

Although there is an overdue payment, we haven't shut off access yet.  

We want to call attention to that fact, so this is why you'll see "Delinquent" stamped on the purchase. 

Should you see this know that simplero is still working to collect the money from your customer by sending them reminder emails per your account settings. 


How Simplero Collects an Outstanding Balance

When a payment is due for a customer—whether that's a subscription renewal or an installment—we'll try to collect it using the payment method selected for the purchase. 

Some payment methods allow us to automatically charge, others don't. You can see under Settings > Payment Processors which of your allow "Autocharge" and which don't.


Even if the payment method allows for an auto charge, sometimes cards are declined—could be out of funds, could be over a daily or monthly limit, could be expired, or could be many things.

If the payment doesn't go through for one reason or another, we'll email the customer a payment notification showing how much is due, and with a link to come back and update their payment method and try again.

If the balance isn't paid, we'll try again a number of days later.

This keeps going until we've tried a certain number of times, after which we give up. The purchase state will be set to "Failed", which means that they will no longer have access to emails and content, and we'll also stop trying to collect the balance.

The last payment notification will let them know that their access has been shut off and that we have given up on them, using these words: "We've temporarily revoked your access to this product until we get the payment in order."


How many days between attempts, and how many attempts before we give up?

You get to choose that:

  1. Select Settings from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Product tab
  3. In the Product settings screen, scroll down to the Retry failed charges section


So if your customer is subscribed using a payment method that doesn't allow the auto charge, that means you still don't have to manually do anything. Simplero will try to collect on the balance for you, and if we can't do that, the customer's access will be cut off.


What Does the Failed State Mean?

The Failed state means that Simplero has cut access off to the content of the product and discontinued trying to collect your outstanding balance. 

However, you are not entirely out the money you still have options to collect it. 

  1. If your customer tries to access their content Simplero will let them know they are not able to until they make a payment and will be directed to the payment screen. 
  2. You can resend the invoice by select the resend button to the right of the failed invoice.
Last updated 6 Sep 2022.