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Troubleshooting Payment Processor Issues

Here's what we've learned about some common issues with these payment processors.  


How PBS/Nets/Teller pays out MasterCard and VISA transactions

When your customers pay with MasterCard or VISA, you don't get your money right away.

Instead, they're paid out weekly, accompanied by a PDF statement which you receive by email from Teller.

The transaction on your bank statement will say something like "FNR. xxxxxxx" where xxxxxxx is your 7-digit PBS/Nets/Teller merchant number.

The weekly PDF statement, called an "Advisering", contains a reference to a Ref. Nr. of the form " 000BILPxxxxx", where xxxxx is the transaction ID, which you will find next to the invoice when you click on Reporting > Invoices in your admin interface.


When PayPal Payments Don't Get through to Simplero Even Though They're Paid in PayPal

Sometimes a PayPal payment doesn't register in Simplero, even though it's gone through in PayPal.

The way Simplero knows that the payment has gone through is that PayPal sends us what's called an IPN, short for Instant Payment Notification.

Without this, we have no way of knowing the transaction went through.

So if this doesn't get to us, that's a problem.

What you need to do is contact PayPal and ask them to look into it. We don't know much about how PayPal works, but hopefully, they do, and they can fix it.

It might be a setting on your account that you can turn on or off for IPNs, or it may be that something happened that they can fix and do something about.

Whatever it is, this is what you need to do:

  1. Get in touch with them, and make sure the IPN is sent for all transactions originating with Simplero
  2. The URL that they'll be sending to will be something like https://youraccount.simplero.com/transactions/1234/callback with 1234 being the transaction in question.


My Customers QuickPay Transaction Didn’t Register in Simplero?

What happened here is QuickPays server didn't communicate with us that the payment was successful. As this is on QuickPays side there is nothing we can do about that. 

However, what you do need to do in Simplero is register the payment manually. This is VERY important in order to keep your accounting accurate and avoid any discrepancies. 

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Login to your QuickPay Manager
  2. Confirm the payment went through
  3. Once you've confirmed the payment you'll need to register the payment in Simplero
    • Select Products from your Simplero Dashboard
    • Select the Purchases tab
    • Locate and select the purchaser (customer's name)
    • In the Charges & Payment section, select the Payments button and click the Register payment button

    • The Register payment screen will open

    • Enter in the amount received, select the date paid and the method. I'd also recommend typing a comment like "QuickPay Network Error" and be sure to double check that the amount is accurate. 
    • Once all looks correct, click the Register payment button to save
  4. The purchase will now have a registered payment. 


I'm trying to refund my customer and it's not working?

Payment processors often have time limits on refunds. If you are trying to refund an older purchase that is past the payment processor's refund period, it will register that they've been refunded in Simplero, but no transaction will have gone through on the processor. 

If this is the case, you'll need to refund the customer their money some other way (perhaps sending them a check).

Here are the refund periods for our common payment processors. If you are having trouble refunding with a payment processor not listed here, be sure to check with them what their refund period is. 

Stripe - No technical limit, but they recommend no longer than 6 months as more than 6 months increases likelihood of issues (such as cards being declined)

Paypal - 6 months

Quickpay - one year

Authorize.net - 6 months (but also you can't refund within 24 hours of purchase. So if this is the case, just wait a day and try again)

Last updated 11 Feb 2019.