Manual Product Purchase

Updated on 25 Nov 2020

Manual Product Purchase for an Individual

To manually add an individual to a product you will need to search for the person in your Simplero. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Select the Lists & Contacts from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Contacts tab
  3. Locate and select the customer name
  4. Locate the Purchases box in the customer's contact screen (should be the second one down)
  5. In the upper right corner of the Purchases box, click the Add a purchase link 

  6. Select the product you want to add the customer to

  7. The product will now show on the screen, along with any site they have access to right there.  If you need to give the customer manual access to a site or a page follow the steps below.
  8. Scroll down to the Membership sites they have access to box and click the Give manual access to a membership site link

  9. Select the Site you want to give the customer access to

  10. If you want to give the customer access to an additional page, locate the site that s/he now have access to and click the Manage access link

  11. Select any pages you want to give the customer access to 


Manual product purchase for a group

  1. Create a Segment that includes the participants. 
  2. Perform an action to the Segment to purchase a product without charging
  3. Select the product name. 

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