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Time Zone Specific Automations

Do you work with customers across different time zones? If so you probably already utilize the feature when scheduling broadcasts to send within customers specific time zone. But did you know you could do the same thing within your automations for evergreen products, sales funnels, and even webinar or event automations that go out at a specific date and time?  

To do this you will create your automation like normal, however, you will want to pay close attention as you have two options with your wait steps. See below...

General Wait Time

When using the general Wait step it is very easy to schedule it to be time zone specific. 

Toward the bottom of the wait step screen, you will see a section titled "In which time zone"

Choose the Contact option and the email or action will occur at the specified time within their time zone, not yours.

Image 2021-03-13 at 5.37.40 PM

Specific Time

Last updated 14 Sep 2022.