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The courses feature in a membership site is a templated structure for creating and releasing course content. The simple module/lesson structure makes it easy for you to create your course and publish your content into a format that is user-friendly. 

For example, say you have a course or a membership program where you release new content on a weekly basis. You could set up each week's content as a lesson, and then format your course to be lessons only. Then your participants can click on the week they want to view. You can also load the content in advance and have it published on its own by using the schedule option for publishing. 

Or maybe you have an evergreen course where you want to release content at different times based on when the participants signs-up. You would be able to do this simply with both the mark as a complete feature and with the auto-publish feature. 

Each course is broken down into modules and the modules are broken into lessons which are where your course content will live. Lessons generally have a primary video followed by some written copy. You can then add additional videos, audio files, PDFs, basically any file that exists in your media library. 

You can also link worksheets from your content tab to a lesson. Here is our step by step guide on worksheets

In addition, when you are all done setting it up, courses allows you to create and add quizzes to help students evaluate the information they have retained. Here is our step by step guide for creating quizzes in your course

Note About Publish Status / Access Control

  • Draft make the page not viewable by anyone until you change the status to published, scheduled or auto-published
  • Scheduled allows you to choose a specific date when that course/module/lesson will appear as published to everyone who has access to a site.
  • Auto-published allows you to control who can view that page via a trigger, automation, or broadcast
  • Published makes the page viewable by anyone who has access to the membership site, or you can control it further by selecting specific products from the list. 

To Create a Course

  1. Click the Create a new course button in the upper right corner

  2. Choose the membership site you want to add the course.
  3. Fill in the information for your Course settings information and click the Create course button to save



After you set up your course, Module 1  will be ready for you. The Module name will be the title but it is not a page in the course. You can now add additional lessons to the module.

Adding a Lesson

  1. While in your course screen, click the + button to Add a lesson 

  2. OR click on the Lesson to edit

  3. The Lesson edit screen will open. Fill in the information such as the Title, body/lesson content, and any Media files you wish to include with your lesson.

  4. Once all is ready, set the status to Published and then click the Save changes button
  5. Repeat these steps for each Lesson you want to add in your Module. 

Adding a New Module 

  1. Select Content from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. In the Membership sites tab, select a membership site you want to add a new module
  3. Select the Courses tab
  4. Select the Course Name you wish to add a new module to
  5. Click the + Add a module button

  6. In the Module edit page, enter the Title, Description, set the Publishing options, and then click the Create module button

  7. If you wish to add a lesson to your module, see the above steps for Adding a Lesson

Publishing of the Course

In the Settings you will find Access control which will control the overall course. Allowing you to connect multiple products to a membership site, but limit which of those products can view the courses within the site. 


Published: Means viewable all the time. You can further control this by selecting "Only available to customers who purchased the following products" and select the product you want to view the course.

Scheduled: Means the course becomes viewable to anyone who has access to the membership site on a specific date. and again you can further control this by selecting "Only available to customers who purchased the following products" and select the product you want to view the course.

Auto-Published: Means that you control when someone who has access to the site gets access to the course via a trigger, automation, broadcast, or autoresponder. 

Organizing Your Courses on the Membership site

If you want to display your courses on the membership site in a different way than just on the top menu, watch the video below to find out how to do it.

Last updated 9 Apr 2021.