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Newsletter Scheduler

A great way to stay in constant contact with your customers is to have a regularly set newsletter. Newsletters not only give you an opportunity to communicate the latest news to your customers such as what podcasts you are featured on or interviews you are doing, new products that are available, or even newly released blogs; it is also a way for you to build a relationship with your customers. 

But we know weeks get busy and it's not easy to get another newsletter out each and every week. 

The newsletter section helps make it easy. Here you can set up the basic framework for your newsletters such as the Newsletter name, Who it goes to, Email settings, and the Schedule. Once you set up your schedule you'll be able to see all the drafts, queued, and delivered newsletters from a single screen so you can get started writing as many as you want ahead of time, easily find them, and get them scheduled to be delivered in order. Giving you a chance to get ahead of the game. And the best part, you can set up a reminder schedule so that the system tells you it's time to write or send another newsletter. You'll never miss a newsletter again!

Creating a Newsletter

The first step to using the newsletter section is to set up the basic framework of your newsletter: What it is called, who it goes to, where it is being sent, how often it is delivered, and of course when you want the system to remind you to write it.

Here is the step by step...

  1. Select the Broadcasts from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Newsletters tab
  3. Create a Newsletter by clicking the blue +Add a newsletter button in the upper right corner

  4. Enter the information for your Newsletter

  5. Give your newsletter a Name
  6. Set your schedule (either weekly or monthly) and choose your start date
  7. Choose the List the newsletter is going to send to (Note: You can only pick one, you'll need to repeat the process if you have more than one list to send a newsletter to)
  8. Set your Email settings such as Subject line, Sender name and email and Reply to email
  9. Set up your Reminder schedule
  10. Click the Create newsletter schedule button when you're done

Once you've set up your newsletter, you are now ready to begin writing your newsletters!

  1. From the Newsletters tab
  2. Click on the Newsletter Name you've just created
  3. You'll be directed to the email Queued for that newsletter
  4. Click the Add a newsletter button

  5. You'll be directed to the Broadcast screen where you would enter the Subject and name, choose the option for the Split-test, etc. like you would any other broadcast. 

  6. Complete the information and click the Next button
  7. You'll be directed to the Email body screen where you can write your email just like you would any other broadcast.

  8. Complete your email and click the Next button
  9. You will then be taken into the Broadcast overview screen. Click the blue Queue newsletter button once you have completed all edits
  10. Not ready for your newsletter to be scheduled? Have more edits to make? That's ok just don't hit that blue Queue newsletter button and it will remain in draft mode, and easy to find by coming back to that specific newsletter schedule. This allows you to get started writing as many of the newsletters as you want ahead of time. Saving you time in the long run.


Note: The Draft, Queued, and Delivered newsletters will also appear in the broadcast section. 

Last updated 25 Jul 2019.