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Manage Google Calendars

You can link your own Google Calendars with your Sharing Links so that events created on the Scheduling link get synced in your Google Calendar.

We will also show as unavailable those presets where you already have a blocking event in your calendar.

Navigate to your Simplero Profile page > Scheduling.

Click on Sign in with google and follow the connecting steps.

Once connected, you will be able to choose which calendars should Simplero check for conflicts using the toggles on the left.

It is very important that you also set up your Default calendar for creating events so that we know where to add events created through your Scheduling links.

You can also connect and manage your Google Accounts from every scheduling link in your Simplero account.

On the Scheduling Link, click on Manage Google Calendars, then Sign in with Google and follow the steps in Google's account manager.

Once connected, you will see the google account available calendars under the section Create events on. That will determine which calendar will your bookings be added to automatically when booked from that particular scheduling link:

You'll also have the option to turn On the Overlay to be able to see current events in your Google calendar:

Choose if you want to show several calendars on the settings icon at the top right corner:

Note you can also disconnect your Google Account at any time with the cross right next to it on the Settings/Manage Google calendars popup:

As well as from your Simplero profile page > Calendars & Scheduling Preferences:

Adding events to more than one Google Calendar

If you want to add the events to more than one Google account, you can use a Google shared calendar. Check the guides from Google on how to create one.

You will then have to select it on the ‘create events on’ setting:

Last updated 8 Feb 2024.