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Order Bumps

An Order Bump is an item that is added to the product being ordered. 

You might use this feature if you are wanting to sell a tangible item that goes along with your course, or maybe a subscription product that goes along with your course. 

  1. Select Products from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. In the Products tab, locate and select the product you want to add the order bump to
  3. Select the Upselling tab
  4. In the Before purchase section, click the + Add order bump button

  5. In the Add order bump pop-up screen, select the product and price point for the product you want to add. And label if desired.

  6. Click the Add order bump button to save
  7. The order bump item will now appear at the bottom of your order form where the terms apply.

Here's an Example of an Order Bump:


Last updated 4 Mar 2019.