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Page builder 2.0 - Responsive mode

When working on Page Builder 2.0, we can switch from the top icons to see the preview of our page on Browser, tablet, and mobile. We also have the ability to edit their settings individually, which is called "responsive mode". 

When using the tablet or mobile view, you will see a banner warning that responsive mode is active:

When in responsive mode, only edits made on the right-hand panel will apply exclusively to the view from the limit px indicated to the banner. Moving or adding elements will edit all views. 

Automatic stack of row columns

In mobile view, rows with several columns will automatically stack in individual rows.

You can adjust the way rows are stacked (reverse stack) or to not stack at all (none).

For example, the automatic stack order of the Bourbon design is the first column (text) at the top, then second column on the row (image) below it:

Stacked in reverse order will allow you to place the image at the top, then the text below it.

If you want to hide or show elements per view, you can hide elements based on view as explained in this guide.

Last updated 22 Dec 2023.