Embed a Facebook Page Widget

Updated on 6 Dec 2022

Facebook page widgets can display your Facebook events, timeline and/or messages. Below, you'll see Simplero's widget displaying our latest posts.

This is particularly useful if your business runs on "socially-fueled" events and you'd like a way to "sync" your Simplero site with your Facebook page.  You may also want to do this in order to show an overview of upcoming events to people who visit your Simplero pages. 

Note: This only works with Facebook pages, not groups or personal accounts.

First things first, get the personalized code from Facebook:

  1. Go to this page: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin
  2. Enter your Facebook page's url
  3. Designate what you'd like the Widget to display by listing one or more of the following: timeline, events, messages (use a comma if you're listing more than one)
  4. Enter the pixel width (up to 500)
  5. Enter the pixel height (minimum of 70)
  6. Select the size of header.
  7. Select whether to hide or show your page's cover photo.
  8. Select whether to adapt plugin to container width.
  9. Select whether to hide/show a viewer's friends faces.
  10. Click "Get Code" and let the Facebook tech elves do their magic! A window will appear with the code to insert into your Simplero pages/sites.

Now, Update Your Simplero Site/Page:

  1. Copy the first block of code and paste it in the custom tracking html code for BODY section. You can find this by clicking "Website" > "Configure" and scrolling down.
  2. Press save.
  3. Then copy the second block of code onto any page you'd like that plugin to appear by using the "Source Code" feature in any text content block.
  4. Please note that the plugin will only appear on the live page, NOT while viewing the page in "Edit Mode."


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