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Did you know it's easier to sell something to someone who has already said ‘Yes’? 

Upsells are a fantastic way to get more products in front of your customers, and Simplero's Upsell feature makes adding Upsells to your products easy! If you’ve ever purchased something, and then been offered something like a limited time offer to purchase a second item right away - then you’ve experienced an Upsell :)

To get started with Upsells, you’ll first need at least two products set up. Once you have at least two products created, simply follow these steps:

Part 1: Setting up a product to offer as an Upsell.

  1. Select Products from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Once on your Products page, locate and select the product you will be offering as an Upsell

  3. In This Product as Upsell section, click the + Add offer button. What we’re doing here is configuring this product to offer as an Upsell after someone has already purchased another product.

    Pro Tip:
    You can use a secret price if you want to offer this product for less than the list price when it’s used as an Upsell. 

  4. Complete your New Upsell Offer information and Click the blue "Create Upsell offer" button


    Part 2: Connect the Upsell to the Product they will purchase first.

    1. Select
    Products from your Simplero Dashboard

    2. Once on your Products page, locate and select the product you will be adding an Upsell to. This is the Product that they will purchase first before being offered the Upsell.

    3. After you’ve clicked on your product, select the Upselling tab

    4. In the Upsells section, click the + Add your first Upsell button

    5. Choose the upsell product you want to offer and click the Add Upsell button.

    Note: See the end of this Guide if you want to use the optional ‘External sales page URL’


    1. You have the option to continue to add Upsell offers if you want, depending on if the customer says Yes or No to the offer. To add these additional offers select the hyperlink to "Add another Upsell" or "Add another downsell" button next to the ‘Thumbs up’ or ‘Thumbs down’ as seen below:

      7. Once your customers have seen the Upsell offers they will be directed to the Thank You page for the original product. 

      In order to use Upsells you will need to have a payment processor that allows for automatic payments such as Stripe. The price of an Upsell also needs to be greater than $0.  It can be free upon purchase, but start charging at a later time.

      Part 3: Using an External or Custom Sales Page for Your Upsell
      Do you want to use a customized sales page for your Upsell?
      It is very simple to setup just follow these steps: 

      1. Make sure your Upsell offer is created
      2. Ensure your Sales page is created with Yes or No options (either text or button) which they will click to take advantage of the offer or refuse it. Here’s an example of buttons you could create:

      3. Select Products from your Simplero Dashboard

      4. In the Products tab, locate and select your product you will be adding the Upsell to
      5. Select the Upselling tab

      6. In the Upsells section, click the + Add your first Upsell button

      7. In the pop-up screen to Add another Upsell, select the Product with Upsell offer, and paste the External URL for the sales page you created in step #2, and click the Add Upsell button.


      8. Now you will see the new offer you just created, and below the title, you will see two lines "Yes Button URL", and "No Button URL"

      9. Copy the URLs mentioned above, and link the Yes and No text or buttons on your Sales page to the corresponding URLs.

Note: If your customer accepts to purchase an Upsell, we will show a default thank you page with a link to the main product purchase/custom thank you page, as well as a link to any signed agreements required for the upsell.

You are all set! Happy Selling!

IMPORTANT to know when testing an Upsell: Upsell links (the ‘yes I want to buy’, ‘no I don’t want it’) buttons will only work if the person has already completed a purchase of the original product.

The Upsell works by using the saved payment information from the original purchase. No saved info, no upsell. The test will show a ‘page not found’ error.

To test, you need to make an actual purchase of the original product.

Last updated 26 Dec 2022.