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Image Sizes Across Simplero

You will find the recommended image size on almost every section where you can add an image in the Page Builder:

Below is a resource list of all the different standard image sizes across the Simplero admin settings. 

Sites/Membership site images

Found in your Sites and Membership sites pages
  • Site and Membership site card image 700 x 380 pixels

  • Hero image  2880 × 1200 pixels

  • Featured image on a site page 400 x 400 pixels

  • Logos on a site page 200 pixels wide

  • Site Section background image 2880 × 1200 pixels

  • Testimonial image 240 x 240 pixels

Found in the Course Settings
  • Course catalog image 700 × 380 pixels

  • Course and Lessons thumbnails to be compatible with Simplero App view: aspect ratio 16/9 with a minimum width of 800px. For example, 800x450 px.

Product Images

Found in the Configure screen of a Product under Summary
  • Product catalog image 800x450 pixels (16:9 ratio)

General Account Images

Found in the Email templates under Communications
  • Email header image 600 pixels wide

Found in the Colors and graphics page under Settings
  • Account logo 1000 x 200 pixels

  • Account icon 150 x 150 pixels

  • Email logo: max. 200 x 200 pixels

  • Account header image (accounts with spaces only) 980 pixels wide and less than 400 pixels tall.

Last updated 18 Sep 2023.