Reentering or Starting Mid Automation

Reentering an Automation




Starting Mid Automation

Would you like to start someone into an automation but want to skip the first few steps of it? There are two options in which you could do this. 

1) Manually starting the automation

If you are manually starting them in the automation while at the computer, and no one else is going to join the automation in those 5-10 minutes then follow the steps here....

1. Add an action step at the top of the automation that says "skip to step" (and choose the step you want them to start at). 

2. Go to the participant screen and manually start them in an automation

3. Go back to the automation and verify that they are in the step you desire

4. Remove the action step you added to the automation 


2) Triggered start to automation

If they are going to purchase a product and start in the automation at the time of purchase follow these steps...

1. Duplicate your automation

2. Remove any steps in the copy that you don't want them to experience

3. Create their price in the product (if this is for an individual and the price will be available to no one else then create them a secret price. If you are allowing people to continually sign up after a program has started and just don't want them to get past emails that were maybe date specific such as call reminders then you an use the regular product price)

4. Add a trigger to the price to start the new automation 

5. Verify that the original automation is no longer triggered by the product so that the participant won't be in two automatons.