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Collecting Tax

Setting up Simplero to Collect Tax for You

  1. Select Settings from you Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Taxes tab 
  3. Set your Home country and enter the Tax percent when editing and showing prices (If you are unsure what tax rate is being charged you can scroll to the bottom and see a listing of all countries and Tax Rates and even add a new one if needed. )
  4. Select your Tax strategy

    Click the Save changes button

Overriding Taxes at the Product Level

Set custom tax rates that override the accounts rate settings for that region.

We also suggest possible reduced rate categories that can be easily applied to any particular country.

  1. Navigate to the Product>>Configure tab.
  2. Look for the button "Per-country overrides" on the left sidebar:
  3. Enter the new value on the Empty boxes or click on Apply to set up the suggested value :)
  4. Add any additional countries at the bottom of the page.

The values auto-save as soon as they get added, no need for further "Save" steps on this page! :)

Last updated 31 Aug 2021.