Combining a Tangible Product With Your Online Product

Updated on 13 Dec 2022

Simplero is not currently set-up for the sales of tangible products. The reason for this is that we don't have a great shopping cart feature and there is not currently a way to collect shipping without including it into your price. However, there are times where you may want to include a tangible product with your virtual product.

It is still possible and here's how...

Create a Product

  1. Select the Sales tab from your Simplero Dashboard and choose Products from the dropdown menu.

  2. From the Products page, click the +Create new product button in the upper right corner

  3. You will be directed to the product creation screen


  4. Enter the information for your new product:

    • Name - the name for your product (this is the only required field)

    • Product card - describe what you are selling and add a card image

    • Summary - type a short summary for checkout and user accounts

    • Price - set a base price (you will be able to set-up payment plans and subscription pricing shortly)

    • Tax options - select the applicable options

    • Write your Welcome email

  5. Click the Create product button to save

If at any time you would like to change any of the above information you will be able to do so in the "Configure" tab within the product.  

  1. From the Products page, locate the product name and click the Wrench icon in the far right side of that product


  2. Or, locate and select the product name and select the Configure tab

  3. Make all the changes you wish for your product

  4. Then scroll down and click the Save changes button

Set your Pricing:

  1. Select Sales from your Simplero Dashboard and choose Products from the dropdown menu

  2. From the Products page, select a product from your list

  3. Select the Prices tab

  4. In the List Prices, a Simple price will show. This is the price you entered when creating the product. You can edit this price by selecting the Pen icon within the Simple price box.

  5. To add a new price or payment plan, select the white "Add a list price" button on the left-hand side. 

  6. You will be directed to the price creations screen. Set up your price as such - price 1 virtual product only, price 2 virtual product + Tangible product. Remember to include shipping if applicable.


  7. Complete each of the following fields:

    • Name - This will be shown next to the price on the checkout form. For example, "Early Bird" or "Payment Plan".

    • Type of Price - For example, "Purchase" or "Subscription".  The type cannot be changed after you've created the price.

      •  Purchases

        • Gives them forever access to the product once they have paid the full cost of the product. (If they default on a payment plan their access will be canceled until they pay.) 

        • Amount - How much the person will pay upon purchase.

        • Number of Installments (This is used for payment plans on a purchase) - Type the number of payments you want them to make. Once you have put in a number of 1 or more hit enter and 2 more boxes will pop up for you to set up your payment plan.

          • Select the monthly payment amount after the initial purchase.

          • Select the period of time between payments.

      • Subscription

        • Gives them access for a limited period of time for each payment they make. 

        • Amount - How much the person will pay upon purchase.

        • How long that payment will give them access to the product. 

        • If you want them to have a trial period you will fill in this amount of time.

        • Subscription Settings - Here you can select their renewing options and if you want them to have to commit to a specific amount of time, such as a 1-year commitment. You can learn more about subscription settings in this guide.

    • Access - Will this product be accessed through Published, Coupon code, or Secret link.

    • Minimum Quantity - Set the minimum quantity per purchase to qualify for this price. (Note: This option will only show when the maximum number of participants is different to 1 on the order form settings)

    • Triggers - Save first, then you can add triggers

  8. Select the blue Create price to save.

To learn more about the different price options such as limited seating, multiple seat purchases, discounts, coupons, and secret prices, please see our guide

Add a Trigger to your product price

  1. From within your Product Summary screen

  2. Select the Prices tab

  3. Locate the price you want to add a trigger to and click the Pencil icon in the far right side to edit

  4. Scroll down to the Triggers section and click the + Add trigger button

  5. Add a trigger for a Notification email to your price that includes the tangible product. This notification email can include as much or as little as you want but should include the Purchase link so that you can quickly get to the purchase screen and get their shipping information without having to go into Simplero and search.

  6. Click the Save changes button

Add mailing address as a required field in your Order Form

  1. From within your Product Summary screen

  2. Select the Order form tab

  3. Click on Edit Participants fields button

  4. Make sure the Home or Mailing address field is in your Order form and marked Required

  5. Click the Save changes button

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