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Preventing SPAM Contacts

Updated on 14 Mar 2024

Simplero has a number of built-in mechanisms to prevent spammers from ending up on your contact list. 

All of the following spam checks are automatically built into your Simplero account. You don't need to do anything to enable them. 

  • If Simplero detects that a user signing up to your list is suspicious, we make them go through an extra step (Captcha) to first confirm they're human. 

    • There is a long algorithm and series of checks we do to determine what is "suspicious." 

  • Finally, Simplero has a periodic job that removes spam signups that got through. So while you can delete them yourself, we'll also handle this for you weekly. 

Even though lots of work has been done to combat spam in Simplero, it's possible that some Spam still slips through. If you notice an increased rise in spam, please contact Simpero Support and we'll see if there's something we can do.