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Picking a Different Video Still

Updated on 9 Mar 2021

How Do I Pick a Different Video Still?

Say you're looking at a video in your space and want to change the still frame. Or you have a video on a landing page, and the still frame it uses is not what you'd like. Well, this is super quick and easy!

Follow these steps

  1. Select Content from you Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Media files tab
  3. Select Videos from the menu tabs and choose your video

  4. Scroll down to the Default still frame section and choose which still frame to use
  5. Click on one of the predefined frames, this will now be used as your thumbnail
  6. DO NOT press the green "Use current frame as the still frame" button

Not happy with any of the ones we grabbed for you?

  1. Click the play button on the video
  2. When the frame you want to use is in view, click the green "Use current frame as the still frame" button 
  3. We'll grab that frame in the background and set it as the still frame

Marketing tip

Pick a frame where you look really silly! Why do you ask? It will capture their attention!