Giving a Paid Customer a Free Month

Gifting a Free Month or Extending a Subscription Period

Have you ever wanted to give a current customer a free month on the product they are part of, or extend their subscription period?

There is an easy way to do just that. 

Locate their purchase. (Either search their name and select the purchase or go to the product and find them under purchases)

  1. Select Products from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. In the Products tab, select the product from your list
  3. Select the Purchases tab
  4. Locate and select the customer name
  5. In the Charges & Payments section, 
  6. Find their PERIOD ENDS date and click on it to change the date
  7. In the calendar pop-up screen, change it to be one month out or however long you want to extend it for. This will push out the next charge but will not affect future renewals.