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Updated on 27 Apr 2024

There’s no better way to engage with other members than starting a live conversation or reaching out to a group of people to chat about the content, make plans or simply to have real talk.

You can enable members to chat among themselves in the Site > Configure > Community features section:

It will add an icon on the navigation to access the chat from any page on the site.

Click on the Pencil icon, then type in the member/s name/s to start a new conversation or group chat.

Click on Chat info on the top right corner to edit a Group name and description and to see participants on the group chat.

Leave chat

Leaving a chat will remove the conversation from your Chat left sidebar.

When you leave a chat group, you won’t be able to see any past or future messages or receive notifications of new messages from that group.

Find the option to Leave a chat conversation on the 3 dots menu:

Note! As an admin, you can access the Chat from the Simplero dashboard header. The chat will always be visible to you in membership sites, so you can initiate a conversation with any member at any time.

If the Chat toggle is OFF on a membership site and any admin starts a conversation with a member, it will shortly make the Chat visible for that member right away.

Unread messages are represented with a red bullet on top of the Chat icon.

Email Notifications

We will send an email notification 5 minutes after receiving a new message on the chat unless:

  • You see the message within 5 minutes.

  • If other messages are added within 60 minutes of the last notification, we won't send a notification for those.

Privacy Settings

You can control who can message you on your Simplero profile page > Privacy section.

Pick from Anyone, Admins only, or No one.

You can also set up your privacy settings to require a manual accept of new conversations started with you.