Create Your Own 404 Page

Updated on 6 Sep 2022

A '404 Page Error' or 'Not Found Error' is the web page that's displayed when a person tries to go to a page that doesn't exist on a website. Maybe it's because a typo was made while typing the web address, or maybe the page was deleted. 

When this happens with your Simplero website, we direct them to a default 404 error page. However, you can set your own 404 Page so that you can give your audience a customized 404 experience. Perhaps you'd like the opportunity to ask them to opt-in to your newsletter, browse your product catalog, or showcase your humor or personality. 

How to Set Your 404 Page

  1.  Decide which page on your website you want the 404 page to be. You may want it to be a page of its own that you create just for this purpose, or you may want to just redirect them to your homepage or another page on your site. 

    If you want to redirect them to an existing page (like your home page or product catalog) skip to point 3 below. 

  2. If you want to create a new page for your 404, do the following:

    • From top menu, go to Marketing and Select Website. 

    • Next, select the Edit menu & pages button. 

    • Choose +Add, then Page. Give it a title, then press +Add again

On the Settings for the page, make sure you check the button "Hide from Main Navigation"


Add sections to the page and customize as desired.

Go to the Settings for the page and set to Published

3. Once you have created your page, go to Website > Configure

4. Scroll down to Advanced > Custom 404 Not Found Page and then choose which page on your site you'd like to set as the 404 page and press Save Changes

That's it! Now, if a customer tries to visit a page that isn't there, they will see your custom 404 page.

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