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A Warning about Editing an Active Price

Updated on 14 Sep 2022

You can edit a price at any time. We've got a few warnings for you though, if you decide to edit a price that people have already used to purchase.

  • On an installment plan, a change to the price will not affect any customers currently scheduled installment receipts.

  • However, if you change the price to have a different number of installments, it will change the receipt tracking number on those scheduled installments.

    • For example, if the purchase is at 5 installments of $10 and you change it to 2 of $25. They will still have 5 installments of $10 but instead of saying receipt 4 of 5 it would now say receipt 4 of 2. This is obviously not ideal so use with caution. 

  • On a subscription, anyone who has already purchased will change to the new price when their renewal comes due. 

One exception to both cases occurs when a purchase is in processing via an e-check from PayPal or one of the manual payment processors. In this case, the payment is not logged in Simplero until it is complete and the purchase receipt shows as pending; in which case, if you make a change to the price, this change will be reflected on the pending receipt.  

Don't want to affect current customers?

Do you want to change the price options on your product, but want to keep subscription customers at their current rate, or don't want receipt numbers to change on an installment plan? If so, then you will want to disable the current price and create a new one either from scratch or by duplicating it. 


Setting a Price Expiration

If you want your price to only be available for a limited time and want Simplero to automatically disable it. Check out this guide for Campaign Prices.

Special Note about PayPal

If you are using Paypal as your payment processor and a customer has made a purchase via e-check, Simplero will not see the purchase until the payment clears (approx. 7 business days).  

If this happens and you change the price during the check processing window the customer will either end up with a balance due (if you increase the price) or a credit to their account (if you decrease the price).