Duplicate Automations in Different Languages

Updated on 19 Dec 2023

Many Simplero users run international or multi country-based businesses and we recognize that sometimes that means you have customers who don't speak the same language as you. This guide is going to teach you how to set up and direct your customers to email sales funnels in their preferred language. 

  1. Create your automation sales funnel in each of the languages you want to offer. For example, if you want to offer one in Danish and one in English you will have two identical automations with the only difference being the language you write the emails in.
  2. Go to the List or Product that will initiate them into the automation. This might be an opt-in list or the purchase of a lesser product then what you are hoping to sell them on with this funnel.
  3. In that List or Product, you are going to create a welcome email or autoresponder or locate the one you have already created thanking them for opting in or purchasing. In that email, you are going to add a line that asks them their preferred Language.  In this case, we would ask if they speak Danish or English. 
  4. Here you have two options of what to link the language to: 
    • Option 1 
      • Create an automation for each language you are offering with 1 action step. 1) Automation 1 will have 1 action step that will say to add a tag "English" and automation 2 will have 1 action step that will say to add a tag "Danish." 2) Then you will copy the autostart URL for each automation and link it to those words in the email from step 3. 
      • Add a trigger to the tag to start the automations created in step 1 above.
    • Option 2 
      • Use the Autostart URLs from the automations in step 1 and link them to the language options in the email from step 3.
      • If you still want them to be tagged by their language you could add an action in the automations from step 1 that assigns the same tags. 

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