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Default Account Currency

Updated on 22 Mar 2023


Your account has one primary currency, which should be the same currency that your bank account is in. It is the currency we use to calculate your revenue in all the places where that is shown.

In addition to this, you can add as many additional currencies that you can quote prices in, as you want.

Both are under Settings > Account.

  1. Select Settings from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. In the Account tab, scroll down to the Currencies section and add your currency there.

Setting Up Your Currency

  1. Select Settings from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Select the Account tab

  3. In Currencies section, select your Primary currency

  4. Select the + Add currency button

  5. Select any additional currency from the drop-down list that you would like to be able to accept

  6. Click on the Add currency button.

  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until all your additional currency offerings are listed in your settings

To add an amount in one of the additional currencies

  1. Select Sales > Products from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. From the Products tab, select a product from your list

  3. Select the Prices tab

  4. Select a Price that you want to convert

  5. Scroll down to the Installments section where you will see each amount on that price

  6. You can add an amount in another currency. We'll show you what the equivalent is in the new currency to make it easier for you to figure out what the amount should be.

On the checkout form, your customers will have a choice of currency and will see the prices in the currency they choose.

You can also set the default currency for a product, so if you have something that is targeted toward a particular audience that uses a particular currency, you can default the order form to that currency.

In addition, when paying, customers can pay in pretty much any currency, and their bank or PayPal or whoever will do the currency conversion for them.

Please note once a purchase has been processed the currency cannot be changed. 

If you are running on international business check out this guide for more support.