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Free Products

There are times you may want to offer a product free of charge. Such as gifting it to someone or offering it as a promotional purchase. There are two ways that you can do this. 

First, you can use the freebie link within your product and anyone can use that link to register for the product without having to pay or provide payment information. 


A freebie link will allow a purchase to go through, even if the cap on registration has been met, or the product is closed for new purchases.

The reason for this is that the freebie link is designed to allow an assistant or other internal staff members access that don't count in your quotas to the product, even after registration has closed.

In order to "sell" a product for free and still have the registration limits honored, create a new price (could be secret) and set the amount to zero.

Second, you can create a price point of $0.  

  1. Go to Prices within the product
  2. Create a new secret price or Coupon code and set it at $0

You may want to consider setting up as a campaign price so that your purchaser sees how much they are saving. Even as a campaign price it could be set up as a secret price so that it is only available to those you want to share it with. 

Note: The price doesn't have to be set-up as a secret price or coupon code but if you choose to add it as a list price it will be viewable on the normal order form for anyone to purchase free of charge. 


Never plan to charge?

If you have no intention of ever charging for the product we highly recommend you set up a list and create an opt-in form where people only give you their name and email address instead of purchasing through a zero price order form. If you are wanting to do it as a product to restrict access to a course for only a specific group of people then you can simply set the course to auto-publish and add a trigger to your list to give access. Click here to learn more about creating lists

Last updated 25 Feb 2019.