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Adding a Home Link to the Navigation Menu in Spaces (Deprecated)

Updated on 7 Nov 2023


The above image is the navigation menu that your customers see when they are in one of your spaces.

  • It allows your customers to see your product catalog (directing them to products they hopefully will choose to purchase).
  • They can secondly, access other spaces they have access to from you including any open/free spaces you offer.
  • The third option is to access their account (see their purchases, subscriptions, etc.). 

But did you know that you can offer a 4th option to them? 

Maybe you'd like them to have a direct link to your website or blog. Below are the instructions on how to do it. 

  1. Go to Colors and graphics under the Settings in your navigation menu
  2. Locate the second section of options and find the box labeled "Home link in top nav"
  3. Give your link a label 
  4. Locate the box next to it labeled "URL of link" and paste in the URL of where you want them to go

  5. Save

Now when you view your space you will see these new link available.