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Subscription: Auto-subscribe, Unsubscribe, Suspend, Resume

Auto-subscribe and Auto-unsubscribe

These are special links that you can insert into a broadcast, auto-response, or library email, which, when the recipient clicks it, it will auto subscribe them or unsubscribe them to/from the list you copied the link from.

That's super useful, and one of the things that it's particularly useful for is a one-click opt-in to a list. You can use this for a quick opt-in to an event, to set up a sublist for people who are interested in a given topic or product, and much more.

Just grab the link, insert it into an email, broadcast or auto-response and you're good to go.

  1. Select Contacts from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Select Lists from the dropdown menu

  3. Select your list

  4. On the bottom of the left side menu, you will see the links for Auto subscribe URL and Auto unsubscribe URL (shown in the picture below)

  5. Click the clipboard icon, next to the question mark icon to copy the URL

  6. Insert this link into an email, broadcast or auto-response

Keep in mind, they don't do anything on their own, though. They only work when you put them in a broadcast, auto-response, library email or "Thank You Page", and only when you send it out for real, not in a preview.

We will show a successful page as soon as they subscribe/unsubscribe using these links (using your company logo).

Unless you have set up your own Custom Pages in the List Content tab:

Other Unsubscribe options

Aside from giving your customer the option to unsubscribe in an email body with the auto-unsubscribe link, Simplero offers them the option to unsubscribe for a mailer in the footer of your email broadcast. 

By clicking that link, your customers are taken to their account page where they can see all the lists that they are subscribed to and they can edit their subscriptions. 

Unsubscribe from all lists

Often times a customer will unsubscribe from a list not realizing they are on multiple lists with you and in turn, they get upset when they continue to get emails. If they email you we recommend two things...

First, as we mentioned above be sure to direct them to the guide on how to unsubscribe themselves.  

Second, be sure that you are always sending emails to your main newsletter list unless they are specific to a sub list or product. 

Of course, if you desire to make it automated for them you can add a trigger to a list that when someone unsubscribes that they are also unsubscribed from all lists. 

Suspend or Resume a list subscription

This is useful if you want people to go through an introductory sequence when they subscribe to your list, and you don't want them to get your normal newsletters until that intro sequence is over. This is also great if you are using a sublist that filters to your house list but don't want your subscribers getting emails from both at the same time. 

Here's what to do:

  1. Create a trigger on Subscribe that starts an automation

  2. Create a trigger on Unsubscribe that stops the automation (this is important, otherwise, they'll keep getting your intro sequence even after they've unsubscribed, and we don't want that)

  3. The first step of the automation is to suspend the subscription to the list that you want to pause emails from

  4. The last step of the automation is to resume the subscription to that same list

  5. In-between you can do anything you want—emails, texts, webhooks, all of that fun stuff

Last updated 3 Nov 2022.