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Right to be Forgotten

Updated on 21 May 2024

The Right to be Forgotten is defined as the complete removal of a contact and all the data collected on them. As of this writing (5/23/2018), Simplero is working on the ability for account owners to delete with purchases from your system.

These are the options currently available. 

You, as the account owner, can do a contact clean-up or go into an individual contact, edit and then delete them.

Be careful deleting a customer who is actively subscribed or has a purchase will delete their access to those items.

Both of these options will remove all contacts that are not actively subscribed, or have a purchase in your account. 

Another option is for them to delete themselvesBe careful when suggesting this to a customer, because if they have purchased from other Simplero account holders they will be removed from the system completely and no longer have access to the content they purchased from you or those other businesses.