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Lesson Settings

Find the Lesson settings, by clicking on the lesson name which will take you to the Lesson Edit screen.

On this page, you can edit the name of the Lesson, the status, content, and its settings.

Published Status

When setting the lesson as Dripped you will notice a few more options will become available in the Settings section at the bottom.

  • By default, lessons in Auto-published will be marked as "They can't see the lesson at all".

  • "They can see the lesson in the curriculum, but not access its contents" will show the lesson in a disabled status with a padlock next to it.

  • "They can see the lesson in the curriculum, but it shows this content instead" will let them click on the lesson but instead of seeing the lesson content, they will see the alternative message.

Once the participant gets access to the lesson, they will see and access the lesson content regardless of the settings above.

Additional Content

Sometimes within a course, you might want to embed the contents of a PDF, video, audio, images, or any kind of media on a course page.

You can add the media content as well as worksheets to your lesson using this additional content section.

  • Reorder it using the drag dots on the left.

  • Turn Embed On/Off to either be visible right there on the page or as downloadable links.

  • Edit the settings of a specific file: file description, whether to embed it on the page, and show/hide the download link.

  • Hide/Expand toggle and expand embedded content by default settings:

  • Track multiple completions. For example, workouts, meditations, etc.

  • Always start at 1x speed (regardless of the user setting).

Last updated 25 Oct 2023.