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Quizzes are a great way to help your students evaluate their progress and understanding of the course material. You can now add a quiz directly in Simplero for them to complete before they move on from the lesson or module. 

Creating your quiz is simple...

  1. Select Content from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. In the Membership sites tab, select a membership site you want to add a quiz
  3. Select the Courses tab
  4. Select the Course Name 
  5. Locate and select the Module you want to add the quiz to
  6. Select the drop-down button and click the Add quiz option

  7. You will then see a Quiz added under your Module. 

  8. Select the Quiz and you will be directed to the quiz creation screen

  9. In the Quiz creation screen, give your quiz a Title and Add questions and Answer options (Questions are multiple choice, each time you add an answer another field will pop-up to enter another answer. Once you've entered all the possible answers, simply check the box for the correct answer.) 

  10. Click the Add question button to continue adding questions and answers.
  11. Select the Publish status option and then click the Save changes button
  12. Your quiz is now live and ready for your students to take.

See our guide on taking quizzes to see how it works from their view. 

Last updated 9 Apr 2021.