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Creating a Button in a Broadcast

Buttons in emails often have a higher click rate than text links.  They are a good way to make a link more obvious to your subscriber. 

You can create buttons in your broadcasts and other emails in Simplero by using the the insert option. Here is how:

  1. When editing the body text in your email, click Insert and then pick Link to Content

    Button .png
  2. Mark the text in your button and click Insert/edit link
    Button 2.png
  3. A box will pop up where you can edit URL and Text to display
  4. Delete the prewritten in URL and replace it with your own
  5. Delete the prewritten Your content is here in Text to display and replace it with your own and click OK.

    Button 3.png

Now your button will link to the URL you have entered. 

Last updated 26 Oct 2022.