Submitting a Feature Request

Do you have a feature request you'd like to submit to Simplero? We collect and track feature requests and responses over on GitHub.


  1. Go to Github and create an account

    • Choose a username and password
    • Select the plan Unlimited public repositories for free

    • Click Continue
    • Click skip this step

  2. Go to Search or jump to... field located on the top left and select or enter Simplero/Roadmap or Go to the Simplero feature requests forum This form is also called Issues if you login not from this link. (See Image 2 below)

    Github_search_simplero Git hub.png
  3. Do a handful of searches to see if someone else has already requested this. If so, you can just add a comment to that one, or leave it be.
  4. Read the Submission Guidelines below
  5. Click the green button that says New issue 

  6. Describe your feature request:
    • Give it a useful title, so others can find it.
    • Be sure to tell us not only what you want but why you want it, and what the business case is.
    • If you have specific ideas or if you've seen it done well some other place, please include screenshots or other details. It definitely helps.

  7. Click the green Submit new issue button

Congratulations! Your contribution to the future success of Simplero has been received, and we're super grateful!

Submission Guidelines

To make feature requests manageable for us, and allow everyone else to participate, we'd love it if you'd follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Use a descriptive headline for the request. This makes it easy for people to scan through the list of requests and see if they have the same request.
  2. Provide a thorough description. Usually, a headline for the request is not enough for others to understand what you mean, so please provide a complete description of what you'd like to see and how you think it should behave, including references to sources of inspiration if possible.
  3. While we love videos for further inspiration or details, it's hard for us and other request submitters to scan through videos, so please do not submit a video in lieu of a full description, but provide the description along with the video.
  4. One request per issue - While you might have multiple requests, we'd want to be able to have a conversation about each of them without being confused and to be able to make a decision on a request without it being confused with other requests. Therefore, make sure you submit only one request per issue.

Thank you for your contribution to the future of Simplero!