Triggers Overview

There are several locations where you can create a Trigger:

  • List under content
  • Product under content
  • Autoresponder
  • A Link in a Broadcast
  • Tag
  • Worksheet
  • Price
  • On some Custom form fields

The drop-down options will vary by the location where the tag is added. 

Conditions on Triggers


You have a few Conditionals available to you on triggers...

  1. Always run - This means the system will attempt to perform the trigger no matter what
  2. Only run when a contact has this tag - Means exactly that, if the contact is tagged with a tag of your choosing then the system will attempt to perform the trigger otherwise the trigger won't occur
  3. Only run when the contact does not have this tag - Exactly like above only the opposite. 
  4. Only fire once per contact - This means if you have the same trigger in several locations within your Simplero such as on a List and on a Product then the system will only attempt to perform that action one time ever. 

GDPR notice for those doing business in the EU: Please keep in mind when using triggers based on actions of your customers that you are in compliance with GDPR, actions such as these may violate rules in regards to consent and profiling. This message does not constitute legal advice should you have a question about compliance please consult a lawyer.