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Triggers on Prices

Why would you add a Trigger to a Price?

There are several times when adding a trigger to a price would be helpful...

  1. You want to offer different access/content for different price points.
    • You can, of course, set up a multi-tiered product system or maybe a single product with tiered pricing. But sometimes maybe it's as simple as giving access to one page in the site.
    • Or maybe that price includes one on one support and you only want to send an email to let them know how to book that support with you. Rather than set up a whole new product you can use the trigger to give them access to a page, set them in an automation, send off an email from the email library, or any of the other things available via triggers.
  2. You want to be notified if someone buys at a certain price point.
    • You can use the trigger option to send you a notification when someone buys at the price point.
    • This is great if say you are combining a product you need to mail with your online course and need to know when someone purchases the price point that includes the item you need to mail.  

Note: If your product is set up to allow the Purchaser and Participants to be different you may want to look closely when you set up a trigger. Triggers that are set to billing activated will cause the action to occur to the purchaser, whereas participant activated will cause the action to occur, you guessed it, the participant. 

Adding a Trigger to a Specific Price

Last updated 6 Sep 2022.