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Troubleshooting Upload issues

Updated on 31 Oct 2022

How to Deal with Upload Problems

Sometimes files won't seem to make it from your computer to our server. Here's what to do when that happens.

  1. Select Content from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Media files tab. This is the most robust place from which to upload files
  3. Then make sure you (or your family!) are not using up your bandwidth on Netflix or other heavy usage services.

Then try again. If the upload is still really slow, or not progressing at all, there are a few things you can do:

  • Restart your browser (and maybe even your computer), and don't open up any other tabs or windows other than the Simplero one.
  • Check your connection speed here (it's the upload speed that's important here) with 1 Mbps upload 100 MB will take up to 15 mins and 1 GB will take 2½ hours, with 25 Mbps the estimated upload times will be 30 secs for 100 MB and 6 mins for 1 GB, all estimates highly dependent on other activities on your network. 
  • File size itself is rarely the issue as there is no limit on the size.
  • If that still doesn't seem to do the trick, try another internet connection, eg. upload using your mobile phone, or from a local coffee shop or library or a neighbor. You'll want to try a few different upload locations a few times each.
  • You can use the Add from a URL... button to upload a direct link to a file on Dropbox, Google Drive or even Amazon S3

  • Usually, that'll fix it, and the next time you try to upload from your normal location, it'll probably work again. The internet is fussy sometimes.

Worst case, if you can put the file somewhere that we can get to it, such as with a Dropbox share link, we can download it from there and upload it for you. Just click HELP from your Simplero Dashboard (located on the bottom left of the sidebar - How can we help? button) and give us the URL for the file you want us to upload.