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Who Counts as an active contact

Who Counts as an active Contact (for billing purposes)?

Contacts who meet one or more of these 5 criteria count as an active contact (for billing purposes) in your Simplero account:

  1. Contacts who have made a purchase, whether it's free or paid... we need to keep these around for accounting.

  2. Participants of a product.

  3. Contacts actively subscribed to a list

  4. Contacts currently in an automation (if they've completed it, they don't count).

  5. Contacts that have a tag.

We don't count contacts that have asked us never to contact them ("Do not contact") unless they've made a purchase.

People only count once as a contact no matter how many purchases, lists, automation, or tags they have (assuming they are using the same email address each time).

To filter contacts by Active/Inactive, navigate to your Contacts page >> Filter by Active:

You can view plans here to see how many contacts are included in your plan or check out Plan and Billing under Settings from your Simplero Dashboard. 

Last updated 18 May 2023.