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Order Forms

Simplero currently has 2 versions of the Order form coexisting until the Order Form 2.0 takes over the current version.

It’s optional for you to enable the new Order Form 2.0. However, we strongly encourage you to use the new version, since the old one will be phased out eventually.

A quick glance at the differences between the two.

Firstly, the admin side is exactly the same. That won’t change when you turn On the new Order Form 2.0. The Order Form Settings are located under Products > Product > Order Form tab.

The main difference between the 2 is that the old form is set up as one step checkout:

While the new one is splitted into 3 steps described below: Checkout, Billing info, and payment.

You can turn On the Order Form 2.0 in your Simplero Labs.


Choose whether you want the "yes to news and marketing emails" checkbox to appear and if it does, what list the purchaser should be signed up to.

Here's what you'll need to do if you want the checkbox to appear or not...

Under the Options, mark the box Hide the checkbox where we encourage them to accept marketing emails if you want to exclude the email checkbox on the order form or choose the relevant list from the drop-down menu. If you don't change anything people who check the yes to emails box on the order form will be signed up to your house list as usual.

Click the Save changes button when done

*Note that the option to accept marketing emails will not show up if they are already subscribed to your house list/the list you’ve specified.

Adding a custom copy to the order form

If you’d like to add info about the product on the order form directly, you can using the Options Before, After and on the side-bar custom copy:

 To add images to the product order forms check out this guide.

Billing info

In this second step, we collect Participants’ contact details and any custom fields you’ve added to the Product Order form settings.

We also present all the available prices and a summary of the order on the right sidebar.

Adding Fields to order Forms

  1. See the Form Fields guides to make sure all field options are available to you.

  2. In the Order form tab, click on Add participant field:

  3. Click on the field you want from the right side to be added to the list:


The last step will show the payment methods available to the product and price selected, the terms and the order summary on the right sidebar.

You might be wondering if it’s possible to have the new order form 2.0 on a one-step format. The answer is “not yet". But it’s coming.” That’s one of the reasons the old order form is still alive. It won’t be long before we have the new order form 2.0 to support one-step checkout and the old order form phased out.

Embedding the Order Form on a Site/Landing Page

  • You can easily embed an order form in a modal anywhere on your site or landing page by using the simplero link dialog.

  • When inserting a link, just choose 'Products', select your product, then click on 'Popup order form'.

This is how it looks like on the page:

NOTE: Popup order forms do not support coupon codes as of yet, however, this is planned to be added.

Last updated 26 Apr 2023.