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Acuity Scheduling for Bookings

For those Simplero customers who want to allow clients to book time with them, you will need to use a booking engine. 

We recommend Acuity Scheduling

This guide outlines 2 methods of integrating Simplero with Acuity Scheduling. 

Send Booking Link when a Customer Purchases a Product

The most common case is when a customer purchases a product that requires they book time with you, that you automatically email them a link to schedule. 

To do that in Acuity Scheduling, you will first get the URL found under "Scheduling Page Link". 

Then in the Simplero product (Sales >> Products), we'll setup an Auto-Response email to automatically send the customer the link to book time with you once they purchase that product. 

You will create an auto-response email that includes the link to book time with you. 

Then when a customer purchases that product they are sent this email and given the option to schedule time with you on your calendar. 

Last updated 15 Jun 2020.