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Auto-publishing AKA Dripping pages

When you want to give people access to content at different times, auto-publishing pages in Simplero are the perfect feature to use. With auto-publishing pages, you can create evergreen products and drip-content, where a module is released each week after a purchase, regardless of when customers make the purchase.

Auto-publishing pages also allow you to use the same site over and over again for different groups/classes going through the same course. For this reason, they're optimized for use with Auto-Responses and Automations, which are also designed for content and courses happening at different times for different people. 

Dripping Content

Each page, course, module, or lesson inside a Membership Site can be automatically dripped out over time using the Auto-publish status.

What this means is that the page, course, or lesson is ready to go, but when a new customer first gets access to your membership site or space, they won't be able to see the page, course, module, or lesson. You have to give them access first either through a trigger, automation, or broadcast/email within Simplero.

Here's what it looks like in each area:

On a Membership Site Page

MS page publish.png

On a Course

course ap.png

On a Module

On a Course Lesson

lesson publish.png

 In a Space

*NOTE: Spaces are a deprecated feature, so if your account was activated after 2018, you won't have access to this feature.


Releasing Access Using an Auto-Response

  1. Create an auto-response and scheduled it for x number of days after a customer subscribes/purchases.
  2. Select Contacts from your Simplero Dashboard.
  3. Choose Lists from the dropdown menu and select the list you want to create an auto-response for.
  4. Select the Auto-Responses tab.
  5. Click the blue + Add auto-response button.

  6. Enter the Subject and fill Send When in with the number of days after signup you want your auto-response sent, and click the Add auto-response button.

  7. Complete your auto-response information.

    • Subject - What customers see (should stand out in an inbox). 
    • Internal name - What admin screen calls the email (only you can see this).
    • Preheader - The first part of your email to grab people's attention in inboxes (this is greyed out).
    • Email body - This is where you type the email that you want to use for this auto-response.
    • Email design template - Choose the email template to use for this auto-response.
    • Triggers - This section is not required for an autoresponder, but it does allow you to have the system perform an automated action when an autoresponder is sent. Check out our guide on triggers for more information about how they work. 
    • Click the blue Save changes button.
  8. At the bottom of the page, below the email body box, you'll have checkboxes next to each page that is set to auto-publish. 

Releasing Access Using a Broadcast

  1. Create a new broadcast. Check out our guide on Auto-publishing a Page in a Broadcast.
  2. IMPORTANT: Be sure to select a list or product that is giving access to this membership site/space. You can't have additional recipients that don't have access to that same membership site/space; if you do, the auto-publish option won't be available.
    • If you haven't given access to a membership site/space yet, go to the List or Product, then go to Content, under membership site/space, click "add existing membership site/space," and select the membership site/space. 
  3. After you've selected your recipients, edit the email body. You'll now see a set of checkboxes under the editor, where you can choose to release course modules and lessons on the membership site/space.

  4. Check the page you want to auto-publish. This will place a link in your email with the page title. You can use that link in the broadcast, edit the text, or delete it. As long as the box is checked next to the page, the recipients will still get access.
  5. Finish adding copy and send the email as you normally would. 

As soon as the email goes out, whether auto-response or broadcast, the recipients will be able to view the pages you selected.

If you want or need to override the pages that a contact has access to, find their contact page using the global search field in the navigation bar up top, then find the membership site/space in question, and you should see a link that says "Manage access." Click that, and you can choose which auto-published pages the contact gets access to.

Releasing Access Using Automations

You can also release content using automations. 

  1. Create an automation:
    • Select Marketing from your Simplero Dashboard and choose Automations from the dropdown menu.
    • Click the blue Create new automation button in the upper right corner.

    • Give your new automation a name and click OK to save.

    • Click the + Add a step button to add your action step.

    • In your action step, click the drop-down arrow to choose the option "Give access to a site/page/course module or lesson," select the site/page/course module or lesson name and click the Save changes button.

  2. Then set up a Trigger on the product or list that starts the automation when someone subscribes to the list or a new participant is activated on the product for the first time. You can do this in two ways:
    • Click on Add a trigger to start this automation at the top of the automation before Step 1.

    • In the Add new trigger pop-up screen, click the drop-down menu to select the option for Participant Activated, first time only, Start Automation, choose Which automation and click the Save changes button.

    • You're all set! After these steps, the automation will be in charge of giving your customers access to the content.

IMPORTANT: If you use an automation to release access to a page within the membership site/space, then the automation controls access, not the product. Therefore when you go to the "manage access" link within the client screen in the product, you will not see the page listed as viewable. 

Releasing Access Using Triggers

You can also give access to the auto-published page or course module/lesson via triggers. 

  1. Select Sales from your Simplero Dashboard and choose Products from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select the product you want to add the trigger to.
  3. Click on the Content tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Triggers section and click the + Add trigger button.

  5. In the Add new trigger pop-up screen, click the drop-down menu to select the option for Participant: Activated, first time onlyGive access to a page, choose Which page, and click the Save changes button.


Releasing Through a Segment

You can also give access to a page to people across more than one product or list and without sending an email. 

  1. Select Contacts from your Simplero Dashboard.
  2. Choose the Segments tab from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the blue Create a segment button located in the upper right corner.

  4. In the Include section, click the white + Add include... button and choose all the products or lists of contacts you want to give page access to (for example, a list, broadcast, product, auto-response, automation, etc.). Then click the blue Add Member Group button, and this will start populating all the contacts for that segment.

  5. Now perform the action for your segment by selecting the Perform action... button from the top action menu.

  6. In the Perform an action pop-up screen, click the drop-down menu to select the option Give access to a site/page, choose Which site, and click the Go do it! button.

Last updated 20 Oct 2020.