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Creating a Product

Okay, so you have an amazing product; now it's time to set it up in Simplero so that you can start bringing in sales! We've made creating a product as simple as can be, here's how: 

Add a Product

  1. Select the Sales tab from your Simplero Dashboard and choose Products.

  2. From the Products page, click the Create new product button in the upper right corner.

  3. Enter the information for your new product:

    • Name - the name of your product (this is the only required field)

    • Product type - what you're selling

    • Product card - Type a short summary for checkout and user accounts

    • Price - Set a base price (you'll be able to set up payment plans and subscription pricing later)

    • Tax settings - Select the applicable options

    • Welcome email - Write the email that will be sent when a purchase is made (after you create the product, find this email in the auto-responses tab)

  4. Click the Create product button to save.

If at any time you would like to change any of the above information, you can do so in the "Configure" tab within the product.  

  1. From the Products tab, locate the product name and click the Wrench icon to the far right side of that product.

  2. Or, locate and select the product name and select the Configure tab.

  3. Make the changes you want for your product.

  4. Then scroll down and click the Save changes button.

Adding an Agreement

To request the participant of a product to sign an agreement before activating their participation, navigate to the product Configure tab and scroll down to the Agreement section.

As soon as the payment has been processed in the order form, the participant will be prompted to sign the agreement before redirecting them to the purchase/content page.

You can also set up the agreement to be prompted prior to processing the payment by enabling the checkbox under the agreement content:

If the participant is different to the purchaser, the Agreement will get sent to the participant email for them to sign it instead.

You'll find the link to the agreement request on the purchase >> participant section:

You can, at any time:

Activate & execute agreement: activates the participant and signs the agreement on their behalf.

Activate: activates the agreement without signing the agreement

Note! This feature is only available on Scale and Skyrocket plans.

Advanced Settings

You can click on the toggle to show further details that you can configure about your product.

  • Add a prefix to the subject line of emails to this product.

  • Add text to footer in emails to this product

  • Override the default email sender

  • Use a different word for participants: used when referring to participants added on the order form.

  • Override default currency: you can override the currency at the product level so that prices are first presented on your chosen currency. You would need to add the currency in your account settings first.

  • Limit email receipts: Send email receipts for:

    • All charges

    • Anything except any subscription renewals: note that we will still send a receipt on a change of period when there's a variation on the subscription amount.

    • Only when required by law or payment network regulations

  • Skip the GDPR consent requirement: if you are handling consent separately or it has already been provided.

  • Custom GDPR consent message

  • Google conversion tracking: if you are using Google Analytics.

  • Add tracking code

  • Add a classification number for your accountant to purchase CSV/XLS downloads

  • Add a custom note in this product receipts

Sales Page

Navigate to the Selling tab and scroll down to Primary Sales Page section to choose the sales page for your product.

You'll be presented with 3 different options:

  1. Catalog sales page: Simplero by default Sales Page. You can add a sales page copy to provide a longer description of the product.

  2. Stand-alone sales page: design the product sales page using Simplero's themes pages builder.To create a sales page for your product, check out our guide on designing landing pages

  3. External page: if you already have a sales page built outside of Simplero you can still link it to this product using the External page option.

If you have questions or need any help, click the "Need help?" button in your account. Simplero support is here for you!

Last updated 20 Oct 2023.