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Creating a Product

Add a Product

  1. Select Sales tab from your Simplero Dashboard and choose Products
  2. In the Products page, click the Create new product button in the upper right corner

  3. Enter the information for your new product:
    • Name - the name for your product (this is the only required field)
    • Product type - what you are selling
    • Product card - type a short summary for checkout and user accounts
    • Price - set a base price (you will be able to set-up payment plans and subscription pricing shortly)
    • Tax settings - select the applicable options
    • Write your Welcome email
  4. Click the Create product button to save

If at any time you would like to change any of the above information you will be able to do so in the "Configure" tab within the product.  

  1. From the Products tab, locate the product name and click the Wrench icon in the far right side of that product

  2. Or, locate and select the product name and select the Configure tab
  3. Make all the changes you wish for your product
  4. Then scroll down and click the Save changes button

To create a sales page for your product see our guide on designing landing pages

Last updated 4 Aug 2020.