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Creating a Broadcast

Updated on 11 Nov 2022

Navigate to Marketing >> Email Broadcasts from your Simplero Dashboard from the dropdown menu

Select the red Create new broadcast button in the upper right corner:


Choose which template you'd like to use then use either Start writing or click on Next to go to the following step:


  1. Enter the  Sender name, email from and Reply-to information if you want to override your account default settings

  2. Give your broadcast a Subject name

  3. Give your broadcast an Internal name that is what you will see in your broadcasts screen.

  4. Come up with a catchy Preheader that will appear as the first part of your email to grab people's attention in inboxes.

  5. Type the Email body and insert images as desired by clicking the Media Library icon.

Click the red Save and Next button


Choose which contacts to include in your broadcast by selecting the Type of contacts, choosing the Sources and specifying the Conditions in the Include section. If they're not selected here, they won't receive the broadcast.

Choose which contacts to exclude in your broadcast in the Exclude section. These contacts are excluded after all the contacts above have been included.

You can add multiple groups to include and exclude by clicking on the + Add include and + Add exclude buttons for each section.

Click the red Next button at the top-right of the screen.

Summary Page

The Schedule delivery section is at the bottom-right:

Choose when you want your broadcast to be sent, Send immediately or Later. Choose the Deliver date and time if you want it delivered at a specific time.


Send yourself a preview: In the right sidebar enter the email in the white box of where you want the preview to go to.

You can also swap from Web preview to Mobile preview:

Send Broadcast: Select the red Queue button in the upper right corner. It will either say send broadcast now if you didn't schedule a future time, or it will say Queue for delivery later if you scheduled a date and time for the email to go out. You can also Save as draft if you are not ready to send it just yet.

All sections in the Broadcast header are clickable, so you can move back and forth through the different steps if you need to make any changes.

Choosing Recipients for Your Broadcasts

When you send out broadcasts, you get to obviously choose the recipients.

And you get to choose in two ways:

You can choose which recipients to include (lists, specific contactspurchases, participants, affiliates, site members, tagged contacts, broadcast recipients, library email recipients, auto-response recipients, automation targets, segments)

And which to exclude

If you're just sending a broadcast to your list, you include that list, and you're done.

Same if you're just sending to your participants in a product. Check Participants under "Select Type" and the product under "Select Sources" and you're done.

However, sometimes you want to be more advanced.

For example, if you're pitching a product to your list. In this case, you probably want to include everyone in your list, but exclude everyone who has already purchased that product. That way you don't bother people who have already purchased.

So you simply check under Include for your list and Exclude for your product.

Most important point: You do NOT have to click "exclude" next to each product or list just because those are not the ones you're sending to.