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Create scheduling links

Scheduling Links are the equivalent of Calendars. Once you set it up and share it with your members, they will be presented with a Calendar where they can book an appointment, meeting, event,... with you.

Navigate to Content > Scheduling Links.

Click on Create scheduling link, then give it a name.

You are now presented with the scheduling link setup page:

You'll be able to edit the following settings:

  • Name: shown on the Scheduling Link page.
  • Description: shown on the Scheduling Link page.
  • Duration: how long would you like the duration of the events to be.
  • Location: you can choose between None, a Zoom event (if you have an active integration with Zoom we will automatically create the event on Zoom for you too!), or a Custom URL.
  • Availability: select a default availability preset or set up a custom availability.
  • Create events on: No calendar (we don't save the event on any calendar), your Google calendars.
  • Event name: used in email notifications, the event page after someone has scheduled an event, etc.
  • Event description: shown in email notifications and the event page after someone has scheduled an event too.

You'll also be able to set buffering rules to give you some time before and after booked events scrolling down on the left sidebar.

  • Before and after events.
  • Minimum notice
  • Limit how far in the future someone can book for an appointment with you.
Last updated 21 Mar 2023.