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Website Overview

Updated on 24 Apr 2024

Simplero's Website section is a full-featured website that includes a Blog and Pages where you have control over the content.

The first tab you will come up with is the Activity page:

You can find who has recently visited your site and any posts or comments registered in your Site blog and courses.

You'll be able to create courses and show them on your Website:

You can also set up Redirects, customise Engagement Badges, and configure the Site navigation/footer links by clicking the three dots next to the Configure tab:

The Website is built around an upgraded concept in Simplero called Theme, which lets you get more out of your website.

When you click the three dots, you’ll see Theme as an option:

The Theme gives you a lot more flexibility and customization for the look and feel of your website. Not only that, but you can also browse around your website while adjusting its appearance with the theme customizer – pretty neat, right?

Learn more about Theme customization on this guide!

What if You Have an Older Simplero Account?

Users who signed up before we rolled out this site feature will have to manually make the switch from the old public site (the basic Product Catalog) to the new public website. It's simple - just click on Marketing>>WebSite in the menu bar of the administration panel of your Simplero account, and you'll get this notice:


NOTE! We strongly recommend that you preview the new site first by clicking the Preview themed site button to make sure that everything is how you want it before you make the switch because once it's enabled, we can't take it down.