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Purchase Confirmation Thank You Page

Simplero generates a standard thank you page for every product you create. This confirmation page includes a link to the content and assures your buyer their purchase is complete. As the account owner you are able to add to custom text to this default thank you page.

Or if you'd send confirmed purchases to another URL, you can do that. This allows you to create your own thank you confirmation page inside Simplero or send customers to a different URL. 

To Customize the Purchase Confirmation Thank You Page

  1. Go to your product and click on Content in the menu
  2. Scroll down to Thank You page
  3. Click in the body content box and begin adding in any custom copy you'd like to use.
    1. You can add your customer's personal information to the thank you page. This can become handy if you are selling tickers for a live event, where you need the customer to bring proof of the purchase. To do this use the Insert button in the body field to insert personal information.
      Thank you1.png
    2. If you also want to include information from the purchase you can find that in Third-party order tracking further down the page.
      1. Click on the button Personalize next to Custom Conversion Tracking Code
      2. Chose the information you want on your thank you page
      3. Copy the code that is generated and paste it in to your Thank you page
        Thank you 2.png
      4. Delete the code in the Third-party order tracking when you have finished your thank you page and remember to save your changes

You can use the same technique for your auto-responses in your product to add personal and purchase information.

To use your own landing page

  1. Go to your product and click on Content in the menu
  2. Scroll down to Thank you page
  3. Select the box that reads "Handle it yourself" and paste the URL of your Thank You Page into the field provided
    Thank you page.png

Please note if you use this option you will want to make sure the landing page includes a link to the membership site or content provided with the product. If it doesn't our customers will have no way to access it, because Simplero will always direct them to this Thank You page when trying to access their content. 

Last updated 30 Jan 2021.