Affiliate FAQ

Can We Offer a Flat Fee Instead of a Percentage for Our Affiliate Commissions?

The simple answer is no. Sorry. 

We are set up to payout the affiliates on a percentage. 

Purchases can have it's own commission percentage though.

That means that if you change the commission for an affiliate, this will only affect new purchases, not existing ones. This is great if you want to change commissions over time without affecting what's already purchased.

It also means that if you want to reward a particular affiliate with an extra commission for a certain referral, you can just change the percentage for that purchase alone, and it won't affect anything else.

This also mean that now your affiliates may show a difference of a cent or two from what it was. The reason for this is that now the commission is calculated—and thus rounded to nearest cent—per charge, whereas before the total amount was summed first, and then the percentage was calculated. Sorry about that, but that's an unavoidable side-effect.


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