How to Integrate Simplero with Mailchimp

Updated on 18 Apr 2023

Some people like their MailChimp. Who are we to stop them?

Specifically, MailChimp has a much fancier graphical email editor than Simplero, because we believe in simplicity and we know that more plain-looking emails actually convert better, meaning people click and buy more.

Nevertheless, if you add your MailChimp API Key in your Simplero account then you can choose a list in MailChimp to use as your "house list". This is the list that people will be added to when they purchase from you and they check the box to get news and special offers.

  1. Select Settings from Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Integrations option
  3. Scroll down to the MailChimp Integration section and click Add MailChimp integration 
  4. Here you can put in your MailChimp API Key

  5. Scroll down and click the Add Integrations button

We sign up for both the Simplero main list and Mailchimp, if both are defined.

You'll also get the opportunity to hook a product up with a specific list in MailChimp. When you do this, each participant will automatically be added to this list, and if they cancel or fail to pay on time, they're automatically removed too.

Finally, you get the option of adding to or removing from MailChimp lists in your triggers and automations, which in turn lets you do a bunch more cool stuff.

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