Space and Space Page Access (deprecated)

How Space Access Really Works

Space visibility options


Giving Access

Site Access to a Product or List


Manual Access 

Do you want to give a contact access to a space without having them register for a product or list?

1. Search for contact in your database

2. Click on their name

3. Scroll about 3/4 of the way down to the box showing the spaces they have access to.


4. Click on the red hyperlink that says "Add a space"

5. Select the space you want them to have access to

6. If there are any pages on auto-publish in the space you will now need to to give them access to those. That can be done via an automation, broadcast, or simply select the manage access button next to the space in this same screen and select the pages. 


Removing Access for a Space

Removing access to a single contact


Removing an entire product's Access


Removing Access via a Trigger/Automation


Managing access within a space

Restricting Access within a Space 

Why would you want to restrict access?

Restricing access to a page allows you to set up a single membership site and connect it to multiple products. For example if you run a mastermind each year you can then have one mastermind space with all the content as the content itself is evergreen and used season after season. But then you can have a page(s) in the space that has restricted access where you can post call replays. Giving each mastermind group the privacy they are expecting.  


How would you restrict access?

Each published page in a space can be restricted in two ways.

A page can be published in a space but only viewable by specific Products. 

1. Select a page in your space

2. Go to the settings tab on the page

3. Scroll down to the section titled "Who should have access to this page?" Note if the page is not set to published you will not see this option.

4. Select the option "Only available to customers who purchased the following product(s)"

5. Select the product(s) you linked to the space. 

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each page that is paid content not being auto-published.


You can also use Auto-Publish. That means the page is only accessible to people that it has been expressly released to, either manually, though an email broadcast or a trigger of some kind within your simplero. This option is great if you want to control the timing of when a product receives access to a page or if you don't want to give access to everyone within a product or list. 


One thing to note is access requires access to the parent page. 

What this means is that access to a subpage is also restricted by the "parent" page. So if you have pages like this:

Modules > Module 1 > Part 1

Then a customer will only be able to get to the page "Part 1" if they also have access to the "Module 1" and "Modules" pages.