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Archived Contacts

Updated on 14 Sep 2023

Archived Contacts  

This is the latest addition to the Contacts Page that allows you to mark a contact as archived and revert the action.

You can mark a contact archived/unarchived using the "Select action" dropdown on the contacts list:

When contact is archived/unarchived, we record activities for those actions and anything that has been paused as a result of this action:

When a contact is archived, Simplero will pause any flows and suspend all subscriptions. When the contact is unarchived we will resume flows and subscriptions paused as a result of the archive action.

  • You can't archive contacts that have either logged into a site in the last 30 days or have active purchases.

  • Archived contacts are not included in the number of contacts we bill you for.

  • As such, you can't email archived contacts (only system emails can be sent to an archived contact).

  • Archived contacts will automatically unarchive if they subscribe to one of your lists or purchase one of your products

Accessing Archived Contacts

You can access your archived contacts from the top right corner of your contacts page: