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Magic Login Link

Do you want to restrict access to your content but not require people to login with a password?  

We got you. 

Simplero offers a function called 'Magic Login Links'.  

Your users can request a Magic Login Link from a login page (thus preventing them from needing to login with a password)

AND you can use Magic Login Links instead of passwords for any or all of your restricted content.  Read on for the details. 

The Magic Login Link allows the end-user to access your content right away from an email.

Good stuff to know before you send a Magic Login Link

For safety reasons, the Magic Login Link expires in 24 hours. 

If the end-user clicks on an expired Magic Login Link,  we will let them know that the link has expired and will automatically send them a new Magic Login Link to their email.

The link will only work when

  • sent from a Broadcast, Email for Automation, Auto-response email, or by a Simplero Trigger and
  • the content is in a Simplero Site

How to make a Magic Login Link

On the broadcast/email Editor, insert any text then set up a link via the icon 

Paste any URL within your Simplero site and make it Magic!

Done! The link to the content is now Magic!


My customers receive a second notification with a new link when they use the Magic Link, why is that?

  • When a Simplero user has access to content in multiple Simplero accounts, we can only grant automatic access via a Simplero notification. This is safety stuff we cannot change, unfortunately.
  • If the original link has expired, we will automatically ask them to check their email to find their new Magic link!
Last updated 3 Aug 2021.