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Student Paced Course

This product guide is going to show you how to set up a course that is completely self-paced with the modules drip released as the participants move through the course. 

Setup of a self-paced Dripped course

  1. Create your Course
  2. Add all your content
  3. Set all pages to be Dripped
  4. Create a worksheet that the students will receive at the end of each module. This could be a quiz, a comprehension worksheet, questions for them to Journal or meditate on. 
  5. Once the worksheet is created and saved you will go into the settings of the worksheet and add a trigger
    • Trigger settings will read...
      • "When submitted"
      • "Give access to the page in a site"
      • Select the page for the next module. (For example, if the worksheet is for Module 1, then the trigger will give access to Module 2)
  6. Repeat for each module
  7. Go back into your course and all the last lesson add the corresponding worksheet 
  8. Repeat for each module
  9. Create a Product
  10. Connect the membership site to your product and give access to the course of the product
  11. Create a welcome email as an auto-responder and set it to Drip Module 1
Extra Optional Steps for including emails with each module
  1. Create an email in your email library that will correspond with each module. 
  2. Go back into each worksheet and add another trigger to send the corresponding email
    • Trigger settings will read...
      • "When Submitted"
      • "Send Templated email" 
      • Select the email that matches the module that is being released. 
 Extra optional steps for deactivating previously completed modules 
  1. Go back into each worksheet and add a third trigger to deactivate the previous module
    • Trigger settings will read...
      • "When Submitted"
      • "Revoke access to page"
      • Select the page for the module that is completed just prior to receiving the worksheet
Last updated 22 Apr 2022.